Seniors, technology and COVID-19

It is no secret that people over 65 may have more complications from COVID-19. For this reason, seniors are self-isolating to reduce their risk of COVID-19. Social isolation can be difficult. Isolation can worsen depression and dementia. We are lucky to be in the digital age, where we can connect with people safely from afar. [...]

Music Across Generations

Hello, everybody! My name is Rachel DeMicco and I have one of the best jobs in the world. Every week, I get to sing, dance and play with young children and their families through an early education program called Music Together® . Through these special classes, I also have the opportunity to connect with all [...]

Caregiver tips, tip #2

Caregiver tip #2, The transition home from the hospital or rehab. Hi my name is Dr. Marie Fitzgibbon I am the Nurse Practitioner here at Pleasant Trees Personal Care Home.  Coming home from hospital or rehabilitation can be a tricky time for seniors especially when there are several health issues and multiple medications that must be [...]