Caregiver tips, Tip #1

Welcome and thanks for checking out our blog. My name is Emma and I am one of the Registered Nurses at Pleasant Trees. Before our residents move to Pleasant Trees, many are living at home alone or with family.  In both of these instances their family has become a primary caregiver in their life.  I wanted to blog some posts with tips on how to help care for your loved one at home.  These posts will contain many of the things we do at Pleasant Trees to take care of our residents.


Caregiver tip #1, How to manage incontinence

Incontinence (urinary or bowel) can happen for many different reasons.  Sometimes people struggle to get to the bathroom physically, and sometimes their cognition has decreased and they no longer know when they have to go.  In this type of situation the caregiver may find they have to clean up their loved one or client often.  Sometimes this can lead to urinary tract infections and skin breakdown.  Our solution at Pleasant Trees is to place residents who need assistance with incontinence on a toilet schedule.  At set times throughout the day the resident is either reminded or physically assisted to the bathroom.  This allows them to empty their bladder and prevents accidents. It prevents clean up and promotes hygiene.  At first some residents are not agreeable to being brought to the bathroom when they do not feel the need to go.  Sometimes it is embarrassing for them even if the reminder is subtle.  However if you can keep a set schedule, the resident becomes agreeable and is  more confident because they are no longer having accidents.  This can be an awkward topic to discuss with a family member,  but if you take is slow and show understanding the embarrassing feelings with go away.


Go ahead and give it a try, let us know you’re story and what works for your client or loved one!

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